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I'm Sara and I am passionate about style as a mode of deeply honoring ourselves, assistance on our evolutionary path and energy alignment.

I work with authors, speakers, teachers, community leaders, artists, boss ladies and good humans who want their style to match their soul, as well as move their mission forward.

My story: After graduating with a degree in fashion design, I set this passion aside because I had become disillusioned by the cut throat world of fashion industry.

10 years later - and a journey into spiritual intimacy -, my soul sent me a message. She asked me to return back to my passion. She asked I honor my intuitive gifts and work with styling and design in a new way: a way in which people’s outfits match their inner essence. I am so glad I listened because it is an absolute pleasure to bring my clients a new level of visibility. This level of visibility goes beyond latest trends it highlights people’s inner treasures and allows them to be seen in a deep way.

learn more about my story here:

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