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Divine Style Services

Event Style Alignment  Reading


Big Event coming up? Your Divine Style is never more important then when you have a big important meeting or a special occasion. In the session you'll get clear on outfit elements and pieces that will support you, serve your intention and help who you will be engaging with see you in a relatable and reliable way. 



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Career Advancement Outfit Collections


3 Essential Outfit Collection Package 


  • 1 "Best Essential Foot Forward" Style Reading  (60 min.)  Get clear on what essential elements of you are most needed and asking to be front and center as you offer your services and interact with your current or potential clientele or employer.                             

  • 1 Essential Outfit Planning Session (60 min.)          A layout of 3 specific looks customized for your essence, body shape, and Best foot forward element.                                                                                   

  • 2 Essential Outfit Shopping Trips (3 hours each )    In person Shopping trips or online shopping smorgasbord email of carefully selected options.

Reg price $480

Package discount price $ 408

À la carte service option

  • 1 "Best Essential Foot Forward" Style Reading   (60 min.) $65                                                                 

  • Shopping Trip (3hours) $175 

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Professional Special Event Outfit

Divinely Aligned Outfit Package 

  • 1 Divine Alignment Style Reading  (60 min.)                      Illuminate the aspect of yourself perfect for delivering your specific message or intention.               

  • 1 Divine Alignment Outfit Consult Session (60 min.)  Have a clear outfit ensemble customized to your Divine Alignment aspect, body shape and intention.                                                                     

  • 1 Divine Alignment Outfit Shopping Trip (3 hours)    In person shopping trip or online shopping smorgasbord email of carefully selected options.

Regular price $305

Package discount price $ 259.25

À la carte service option

  • 1 Divinely Aligned Impact Style Reading (60 min.) $65                                                                  

  • Shopping Trip (3 hours) $175 

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Personal Style Uplevel


6 Month Sacred Personal Style Journey Package

  • 1 Body Shape and Color Season Reveal Session   (60 min.)  Learn what your body shape type and color season are and gain insight into aligning with them.                                                                                  

  • 1 Sacred Personal Style Reading Session (60 min.)            Discover which aspects of yourself are ready to be embraced in the sunshine.                                                  

  • 1 Closet Cleansing Session (120 min.)                                 Strategically clear and making room for the new.                     

  • 1 Sacred Style Wardrobe Planning Session             (60 min.)  Have a clear plan for building a wardrobe that honors you and provides you with the opportunity to express, play and intend everyday.                                                                           

  • 2 Sacred Style Shopping Trips (3 hours each)            In person shopping trips or online shopping smorgasbord emails of carefully selected options. 

Regular price $675

Package discount price $573.75

À la carte service options

  • Body Shape and Color Season Reveal Session (60 min.)  learn what your body shape type and color season are and gain insight into aligning with them.                                                            


  • Scared Personal Style Reading Session  (60 min.)  Discover which aspects of yourself are ready to be embraced in the sun shine. 


Design and Sewing Services 


Photo by Darling Arias on Unsplash

Custom Divinely Designed  Outfit

  • 1 Design Clarity Consult Session (60 min) Your wishes and my expertise come up with a design in alignment with your intention, body flattery, and what is being called to be "seen".

                                                                      $ 65

  • 1 Shopping Trip   (60 min)  Fabric, trimmings and items are gathered  (can be solo on my own or us together)

                                                                      $ 65

  • 1 Sewing Project Service Your Divinely designed outfit is brought to life!

  • 1 Tailoring Session Garment(s)(30 min) Final adjustments , if any, are made.

$ 150 -325


  • These service features are available for clients who have gone through a previous DSD service. 


  •  Due to the lengthily nature of this service no less than a 6 month period is required before you need the outfit. ​


  • Each design is unique and will need a unique amount of effort and time to create it. Due to this pricing will vary and will be discussed after final design has been agreed upon.

  • Service price does not include price of fabric.  

   Service Feature Requirements

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